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How you can spend time here in Roja

Rojas County beaches are a great recreational place to relax. Beaches can not just indulge in sun and sea temptation, but also engage in various sporting activities such as beach volleyball, football. Authorised sites can leave the water cycles or to engage in kite board, as well as pursuing a variety of other sporting activities. Roja beach have a great playground for a children. The beach is equipped with toilets, changing rooms, pedestrian wooden walkway, also benches.

Fishing Boat is adapted to transport tourists and offer tours to the Gulf of Riga. The trip takes about an hour, there can go 15-20 person and fee for the journey is 50.00 Ls. The ship departs from Roja port marina. Journey in advance by phone.: +371 26178372

Address: Port Street 1, Roja
Phone: (+371) 29353241
Phone: (+371) 29432979
Offers different types of visits with the yacht "Savina" or "Breezy". All routes need to be co-ordinated by jacht captain before. The yacht can take different length routes across the Baltic Sea. On a yacht at the same time can be 6 people, jacht available with all services (wc, grill, accommodation facilities, etc.).
A trip to Seal Island: 150 Ls, 2 days. Sail the Gulf of Riga 1st. / 15-20 Ls

Rojas River is specially adapted for boating. Along the forest road along the river can go pretty walks listening to bird song, and probably also notice a wild beast, or river dwellers. The river area is very diverse - a large variety of plants, trees, housing, beaver, spring - river lamprey are spawning, in late autumn – there is salmon spawning. Surrounding forest berries and mushrooms diversity. River fishing is allowed in special period of months.
Canoe rental - 4. Seats in total: 15 people.
Contact: Tel.: + 371 28627919, e-mail:
Price: 3people boat-12.00 Ls/for a day; 4people boats – 15.00Ls/for a day.
Local enthusiasts built a pontoon powered by the engine, and offers tours Roja river with the opportunity to observe nature and animals. There is a place for 8 people on the pontoon. On the pontoon is a possibility to grill meat. Duration depends on the customer wishes.
Price: 12.00 Ls/hr.; Next hour. - 10.00 Ls
Tel.: (+371) 29273407, (+371) 28627919

Golf area has six holes. Possible golf equipment, coach and instructor hire. Seasonal cards. Competitions.
Address: "Jaunlaukgravas" Roja-Talsi / roads 3rd km, Rojas county. E-mail:
Price: one circle (6 holes) - 3.00Ls; 6.00 Ls - all golf area for the rent for one day (per person). 
Tel. (+371) 28627919
Address: "Ģipka Lici" Pūrciems, Rojas county. Opposite Pūrciems White Dune.
Phone: (+371) 28389617
Farm can be viewed in a variety of animals as cows, horses, ponies, sheep, goats, rabbits and a variety of poultry. Offers horse riding. Book an appointment in advance through Hotel 'Mare' administration.

Stadium of Roja is one of the best in all north Kurzeme. Similar stadiums are located in Ventspils, Jūrmala and Kandava. In the year 2009 it was renovated. Fully renovated spectator tribune, modern space for a  sportsmans and an attendance. Stadium is large-scale with a grass, available for a  football games. There is a running track round the stadium. In the territory there is a  possibility to do sport for a self pleasure or professionally.

Stadium offers:

·    Football field rent;

·    Trainee hall rent;

·    track-and-field running track and sector rent;

·    shooting-gallery rent;

Phone: +371 26367111. Ināra Juruša